Mrs. Singh, a mother of four children, has for some time been an advocate of the CBSE Programs. Having experienced more conventional types of tutoring herself, she completely comprehends the incentive for all encompassing instruction offered by the CBSE Programs at all levels instead of unchallenged repetition based learning inside most schools in India. Hence, she has enlisted her own particular youngsters into CBSE Schools herself, to guarantee that they figure out how to wind up noticeably capable grown-ups without anyone else and grasp recently developing thoughts as opposed to keep up business as usual.

Other than assuming a dynamic part on Heritage School Ballia's School Board and being a President of the school's Parent Body, Mrs. Singh distinguishes herself with the CBSE's Learner Profiles of 'Minding'. She emphatically trusts that instruction should take into account the requirements of every youngster instead of the a different way, understudies figure out how to set objectives and exclusive expectations for themselves to fulfill, as opposed to quantitatively contrast themselves and their companions. Expanding alone involvement with the Primary Years Program, Mrs. Singh has been instrumental in drafting and forming the School's Special Education Needs and Academic Honesty arrangements.


A firm adherent to quality training, Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh wandered into this field to change over his enthusiasm into genuine frame. His work in this field began as a trustee of the rumored open trust, 'Ragini Vilas' in Ballia with the point of making training available to the majority; his second enormous stride towards giving quality instruction to the general public took the state of Heritage School Ballia.
Beginning in the scholarly year 2016-2017, the Heritage School Ballia has been conceptualized with the point of building a dynamic culture by making adjusted and sure residents without bounds. With years of travel and experience on his side, Mr. Ajit has begun this new school in Ballia with the point of arranging the belief systems and work of a portion of the best schools in the India and past, and introducing them to the general public in an absolutely new shape.

The reason behind picking the CBSE load up for the school was his confidence in the educational programs which opens the understudies to the Indian models of learning and, in the meantime, keeps understudies connected with the achievements of the nation. The CBSE educational modules amalgamates the significance of training both inside and outside classrooms, which makes physical instruction an essential factor inside the kids' developing years. His confidence in CBSE comes from his own particular experience of sending his youngsters to CBSE schools and he solidly trusts that each parent would need just the best type of training for their kids. This has helped him concentrate on choosing the correct educational modules for the understudies in his school.


Mr. Nagendra Panday BSc, MA (Eng), BEd; has an ordeal of right around one decades in the private funded school circuit. He was instrumental in conveying the ideas of Life Skills to the nation other than engendering the possibility of Emotional Intelligence and Scientific Attitude. He has an aggregate 12 years of involvement in the private funded school circuit. Amid this period, Mr Panday effectively finished the Skills Development Program in Technology based learning. He directed various workshops and courses.

Amid Mr Panday's residency at Holy Cross School, the school was perceived among the best private schools of India. Under his capable direction the school took an interest in and won many prizes in different games and co-curricular exercises at the locale, state and national levels. With Mr Panday in charge, the school recorded an uncommon ascent in scholastic execution file. Did he improve the scholarly benchmarks, as well as with due accentuation on co-curricular and sports, gave the school a genuine Public School character. Mr Panday profoundly supports the estimations of humanism and empathy in his wards.

Most importantly, one thing that Mr. Panday can identify with is IBO's objective of guaranteeing 'deep rooted learning'. Indeed, even now, he gets himself captivated in taking in something from his youngsters as they return home and relate their encounters from school.